A Better Way to Spot Freight

A Road

All your spot freight
in just one place

We aggregate spot freight opportunities from every Shipper and 3PL you work with into a single dedicated private Load Board.

A diagram of what manifold does

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Improve Margin

Make up to 20% more money by booking freight directly with shippers

No More Bad Loads

With so much quality freight in one place you can avoid major load boards and the scams and fake loads that come with them

No More Missed Opportunities

We search 24/7 for you so that you never miss that perfect load.

There is finally a solution to take advantage of all of those spot opportunity emails piling up in your inbox.

More Shipper Freight

Manifold gives you the tools to systematically increase direct shipper spot freight

Spot Insights

One Click Shipment Creation

Input Rate Cons in to any Carrier TMS with One Click. Minimize time waste and errors while maximizing revenue opportunities with your team.

Technology that works

"In less than two months Manifiold aggregated all our key customer and major 3PL spot opportunities into one place. With the increased visibility we have already made a 5X return on our investment through higher win rates and better paying loads. We think utilizing Manifold is a no-brainer for any logistics company that wants to source freight faster and at better margins."

-Cole Stevens